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Non-Vegetarian Nutrition mix for Adult & Elder Dogs, 30 grams

Brand Name: petdietfixTM | In Stock

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Product Description

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Pet diet fix India’s 1st HOME FOOD NUTRITION MIX with 37 VITAL NUTRIENTS tailor made for all breed of dogs in the Indian climatic conditions. It makes pet food cost 50%-70% less than dry packaged pet food. It is the only brand formulated in accordance with NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF NUTRITION, INDIA and is also compliant with the global standards of NRC & AAFCO.

Why Pet diet fix?

  • Though home food is better than packaged food, it may lack the perfect balance of essential Vitamins, Fibre, Carbohydrate and Proteins needed for the optimal growth of your pet. Pet diet mix when added to home food makes it 100% well-balanced which promotes the 9 signs of good health in 8 weeks

  • Unbalanced home food may either make your pet obese or malnourished in the due course of time. While obesity brings in severe joint pains and many more complications, malnutrition leads to general weakness, poor immune system, fur loss, skin diseases and more fatal diseases

  • While readymade dry dog foods might provide a little more nutrition than homemade dog food, they are made from animal by-products like chicken feet, beaks, feathers and crushed bones. Crude protein is not only hard to digest but also damages the dog's stomach

How to use Pet diet fix?

  • ADD pet diet fix to home cooked food like dal rice, egg rice, chicken rice, vegetable rice or Quick To Make (QTM) recipes using Pet diet fix DOG DIET CALCULATOR

  • MIX it evenly

  • SERVE 100% well-balanced meal best for your pet


  1. Don’t add Pet diet fix during the food preparation stage

  2. Mix the nutrition mix evenly to the meal only at room temperature

  3. Don’t add pet diet mix in plain white rice or readymade packaged dry dog food

  4. The PDF mix servings mentioned in the feeding guidelines is for the entire day. Divide the suggested quantity into smaller portions as per your pet's daily feeding schedule.


For 100s of delectable recipes or Quick To Make (QTM) meal, use Pet diet fix DOG DIET CALCULATOR from our website


How much pet diet fix to use?

The dietary requirements of dog vary based on their life stage, body size/weight, physical activity, recipe type and other factors. We advise you to use World’s 1st Pet diet fix DOG DIET CALCULATOR at to check the exact nutritional and pet diet fix mix dosage requirement for optimum results. 

9 signs of good health in 8 weeks*

Pet diet fix guarantee 9 signs of a healthy dog in 8 week with regular pet diet fix meals.

  1. Fresh breath

  2. Shiny clean coat

  3. Consistent lean weight

  4. Regular bladder and bowel movements

  5. Alertness and engaged interest

  6. Clean and odour-free ears

  7. Bright eyes

  8. Cold wet nose

  9. Strong nails

*Conditions Apply