Petdietfix - A Novel pet food solution that combines the best features of home food, such as high quality and low cost, with the best features of packaged pet food, such as well formulated recipe, and well-balanced nutrition

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Petdietfix franchisee.

We are accepting franchisee queries from all across India.

Area Required
100 - 300 Sq.ft
Investment Range
3 lakhs – 5 lakhs
Franchise Outlets
50 – 100
Pet food business – A thriving market for you to be in business with, join the movement and Get the best out of your investment
In this Busy stressful world Pets are stress busters, If there is a Pet then there is a need for pet food. Connect with Petdietfix - a complete well rounded Pet food solution.

Petdietfix is a patent pending innovative nutritional mix that a Pet parent can mix with food available at home to make their pet's homemade meal a complete meal. As of Now we have our first Product for Canines( Dogs) and we are coming with a solution for Felines( Cats) Shortly.

According to current Market statistics only 10% of Pet owners feed the prominent pet foods available in the market to their pets. Rest 90% Still feed Home made food. This is where Petdietfix has its advantage, as it is the only solution that can cater to the Pet home food market, that remains largely untapped.

We are looking for pet lovers who can join us as franchisees and promote our products.

We have formulated our recipes and nutrition mix purely out of love for pets and we would like our franchisees to embrace our values and help us to enrich the lives of pets, while having a profitable business.

  • Successful & Proven demand for our Product
  • A Very Economical Product
  • A Very good ROI
  • Recognised Brand name across India
  • Coming out with a Nutritional mix for Felines( Cats) shortly

Petdietfix franchisees will benefit from a solid support system that is extremely efficient. Our franchise support include

  • Helping in identifying and finalising Location.
  • Assisting in the Interior design and Purchase of equipment’s.
  • We will help in Setting up your business quick.
  • Develop your marketing efforts and campaigns.
  • Assistance in hiring and training managing staff.
  • Helpful hints on identifying and acquiring clients.
  • Petdietfix franchisees have the continuous support of the Head Office.
  • Area required:100 to 300 Sq.ft
  • Investment : Rs. 3 to 5 Lakhs( excluding rentals brokerage and deposits)
  • Royalty/Commission: 2%
Get into your own business of Pet food industry. Contact Petdietfix today for a Franchise!
Nishant M Gorle
Sales Coordinator
Eugene Savio
Satyavathi Barla

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