Petdietfix - A Novel pet food solution that combines the best features of home food, such as high quality and low cost, with the best features of packaged pet food, such as well formulated recipe, and well-balanced nutrition

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Goodness of home food, balanced with precise nutrition
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Pet diet fix is not a product but a novel pet food solution. We offer the perfect home food recipe, balanced with the exact essential nutrients required for your pets, in the Indian climatic conditions.

Pet diet fix is promoted by Aindhri Innovations Private Limited, an innovations driven company headquartered in Hyderabad.

At Pet diet fix, we have a dedicated team of renowned scientists, nutrition experts and eminent veterinary doctors with decades of experience, who constantly strive hard to make your lives happier by making the lives of your pets healthier.

In everything we do and in every step we take, we are passionately committed to create a world in which felines and canines of any age and any breed, find in their food bowl specially prepared home food for pets balanced with precise nutrition, every day.
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At the center of our logo, shaped as a happy pet, is a propane molecule. Propane is the basic mixture of hydrocarbons gases used as fuel in LPG Cylinders. It signifies cooking. To the left of the pet, is a plate of food representing home food and to the right of the pet is an apple representing perfect nutrition. Both these elements are seen in perfect balance. The logo has a heart, with a beat at the bottom signifying good health. And, outside the heart is a thin black line signifying the circulatory system carrying balanced nutrition to each and every cell of the pet.

Our logo depicts our philosophy that home pet food balanced with precise nutrition makes the pet healthy and happy.


Pet diet fix is absolutely safe and can be used without any fear for a host of health conditions such as for pets with digestive problems, pets with skin problems, pets with general weakness, pets with diabetes, pets with bone and joint problems, pets with glaucoma, pets with general sickness, slim or obese pets, for pets pre surgery, for pets post-surgery, etc. It is a general daily use HIGHEST QUALITY home pet food which is proven to be safe and does not have any ingredient which will cause even the slightest problem to your pet.


Pet diet fix is highly beneficial to your pets especially during summers because unlike dry foods it does not cause dehydration. Your pets will find pet diet fix food much easier to digest as it has a digestibility of 90% compared to 60% digestibility of cheap quality packaged food. The home food nutrition mix is specially formulated to control dehydration, keeping your pet cool and happy during summer.