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Our Story

In Quest for the best Pet Diet
What can be called as the “best pet food”?
Simple. The best pet diet is one which:
  • Is of the highest quality.
  • Provides ‘Well balanced nutrition’ and
  • Is a lot more economical than any other food.
Now, which of the following can be called “the best food for our beloved pets”?
Packaged food or home food? Let’s see.

Is packaged food the best pet food?
Advantages Disadvantages
Packaged food recipes are well formulated Very costly
Has all essential nutrients required for your pet It is processed. We don’t know what exactly goes into the pet’s stomach and it may cause health problems in the long run
When we humans do not prefer packaged food on a daily basis, how can we say it is the best for our pets? No, it is definitely not.
Is home food the best pet food?
Advantages Disadvantages
It is hygienic Many pet owners have limited knowledge in creating the right pet food recipe
It is tasty Even if pet owners know how to prepare the right recipe, it is not practically possible to balance the nutritional losses in the home food.
It is trustworthy. We know what we are feeding our pets ‘One size fits all’ market supplements available in the market are ineffective
It is economical

Points to remember about home food:

  • A pet’s digestive system is different from that of the human beings. Hence, they can’t be fed the exact home food we humans eat. For ex- Eatables like chocolate, sugar, masala are a strict No!
  • Secondly,it is practically not possible to fix the nutritional loses in a home food meal, owing to many complexities. For example, a lactating dog should be fed 12 eggs per day to achieve the recommended dietary levels of choline. But if we do so, this will cause additional problems like formation of pancreatic stones etc. Hence it is practically impossible to create a well-balanced recipe with just the eatables available in our home kitchen.
  • Also, the nutritional supplements available in the market are made on a ‘one size fits all’ basis. But in reality, every pet dietary supplement needs are different depending upon its weight, life stage and the particular recipe it eats. Hence, they are not effective.
  • So, to conclude, we cannot call home food, the best, due to its inherent nutritional losses.
  • But, nobody likes negativity. We all want the best. Right? That’s why our team of scientists and nutritional experts at pet diet fix has created the best pet food solution.